Wednesday 15 May 2019


I am literally in tears right now, thinking of the rape victims and pregnant children who already feel broken and hopeless, sensing the world crash down on them, wondering where they can get help. 

And then these asshole old men and their apologists shut another fucking door, door after door. This is why people commit suicide. Why children innovate ways to escape from hopeless abuse, hidden in bedrooms across this country, isolated to death by their oppressors. Why women slice themselves apart to see if they can ever excise the brutal pain society keeps inflicting, in alleys and after dates. 

My heart just breaks open if I let it reach out for all of the pain there already is. And these creeps would amplify that?

They have no souls, these men. And not men alone. But so many men, who have killed so many women and girls, since longer ago than time can remember.

Let these perpetrators be gone. Force them to stop raping. Eliminate them. Let them be predators of the past, extinct, only sad stories we tell to remember the danger.

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