Wednesday 4 December 2019

Our Republic, If We Can Keep It

Please listen to today's impeachment hearing, and catch up as much as you can on the pattern of foreign interference this "president" has solicited to weaken our own government for personal gain. This is so, so important. Our intelligence community is unified in their assessment, and the pattern of solicitation and obstruction is clear.

Understand what impeachment means, and engage with this living lesson in our means for fighting tyranny. We very deliberately have this power, and our president is no king. No one is above the law.

Democracy is at stake here, and we need to voice our support for congresspeople doing their constitutional duty and holding this incredibly corrupt administration to account, ideally removing them from power. It is worth remembering, as a parade of faux "good ol' boy" credulity bandies about terms like "coup" and urges us all to look away, that these same folks are eager to defend their right to wave the treasonous flag of a prior defeated rebellion against the United States itself. When the holder of our highest office kills our allies by withholding military aid in times of war, and eagerly encourages foreign powers to interfere in our elections, we need to be talking not only of impeachment, but also of treason and sedition. Do not look away. Keep pushing. Standing up against such debasement is literally written into the the noblest motivations of this country's founding. Our republic, if we can keep it.