Sunday 12 May 2019


Mother's Day over here was spent visiting another family (with doggies and babies making chaos), playing with my husband and toddler, putting baby plants in the ground, and thinking about so many mothers I know.

My heart is feeling so open to the transformation and vulnerability of caring. Delia taught me to be a mom, but Dash made me a mother; so many little lives have come depend on me, at my invitation, and I feel so blessed to have a good partner by my side. This year has featured a lot of reminders of how delicate life can be, and how quickly the picture can shift. I am grateful for this moment, and working hard to keep it going.

Thank you to mothers for your essential work, striving to guide the young on their way through the world, even as we are all imperfect and figuring it out on the fly. Mothers alone cannot bear the full responsibility of stewarding new human beings in this world, but we still do the lion's share.

Lots of love to the mothers that are, the mothers that were, the mothers yet to be, and the mothers who could have been, many of whom feel the lost possibility acutely. Not everyone wants to do this, but those of us that do share in the exhausting love of pouring ourselves into those who fly beyond us. Something shifts in the soul and is never quite the same, I think.

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