Wednesday 9 September 2020

Martian Skies

The photos of the Bay Area skies this morning are just choking me up. Really apocalyptic. 

So many friends with go bags packed, up and down the West Coast. Looming evacuation orders. Record-breaking wildfires, year after year. 

We have to do better than this. Fires are part of the ecology, sure, but where humans go, fires go, too. Lightning strikes, of course, but what about fireworks? Drought comes and goes, I know, but do we choose to build a society that embraces that or exacerbates it? 

In the midst of crisis, can we even contemplate any of this, or do we just hunker down in whatever shelter we can get, huddle around the air purifier and keep our N95 masks close at hand? 

I'm not big into astrology, but I've seen people talking about Mars in retrograde starting today, and now we have the sky to match. This bastard year just won't quit. 

Please, stay safe. Make your plans to vote. Check in on your loved ones. Do what you can to deepen your resilience through this relentless chaos. 

Sending you all love, and wishing us all easier breathing soon.

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