Thursday 27 June 2019

Óscar y Valeria

"He set her on the US bank of the river and started back for his wife, Vanessa Ávalos, but seeing him move away the girl threw herself into the waters. Martínez returned and was able to grab Valeria, but the current swept them both away. The account was based on remarks by Ávalos to police at the scene."


They made it. And, not wanting to be left behind, his little girl came in after her daddy. Dash would do that, too.

After a long, dangerous journey, being held for months in a camp because the US would not hear their asylum claim, a father placed his little girl on what should have been the bank of freedom. If they hadn't drowned, would she have been taken from her parents, placed in the care of another starving child, shuttled from one dark location to another to hide the abuses the US government inflicts upon migrant toddlers?

We can choose to be better than this. We can choose not to replicate history's darkest chapters. We can end this torture of children and families fleeing violence and oppressive poverty.

End this administration. Vote against them every time you have the opportunity. Protest. Speak up loudly and constantly against this relentless heartbreak.

Does your heart not ache with this terrible grief, too? Can you not see your own children in these children?

When Dash was born, my highest calling became the creation of a stable life for him. I would certainly flee violence with him in my arms. I would swim for his life and mine for the opportunity to place him gently on the other side of poverty.

I watch the apologists line up to blame parents, deliberately ignorant of the realities that drive these migrants so far from home, willingly ignorant of their own histories, the ignorant descendants of stronger people that made long, dangerous journeys to a land of open borders and fabled opportunity.

There is a deep soullessness inherent in the inability to stand with these migrant families. Apologists for these crimes against humanity debase themselves.

The legacy of white America is being written in concentration camps exclusively for children (did the Nazis even have those?), drowned babies, and human trafficking of abducted toddlers lost in our government's custody.

I will absolutely rip anyone to shreds for defending this abhorrent administration. Let the deaths of these families be on their heads. May the suffering of children perpetuated in the name of Donald Trump be a stain on Republicans forever.

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