Friday 27 May 2011

Gradual Tribal Fest Decompress...

On Wednesday I was in Kami's class at the Fat Chance studio, and it occurred to me once more how awesome Tribal Fest actually was this year. At the end of the class, I was remembering choreography and having fun--and I remembered that I have some thanks to give to folks who helped me wipe some grime off of my relationship to dance over five days of learning, fun and partying.

Big thanks to Rachel, Mardi and Zoe for really great workshops. While learning choreography from Mardi reminded me of riding a skateboard while gripping the bumper of a fast-moving truck, I was getting most of it at the end of a very long day of dancing, and that was awesome. Zoe's workshop made me feel like I was at a rave, which was exactly what I needed at that point--I was vindicated in my choice to bring a cold Rock Star to class with me. And Rachel, as ever, reminded me of some things I need to bear in mind over three really lovely mornings of workshops. I was grateful to make some new friends in those workshops, and very grateful to reconnect with my roots, as it were.

Wendy and Mardi's performances, with their powers combined, made me so emotional. Over in that corner next to the Indigo's table, I thought my heart my break from just being overwhelmed by the goodness of everything. I probably sounded like an idiot trying to explain. Unmata were incredibly awesome and invigorating to watch, Cera's improv game deserved the standing ovation and Colleena was absolutely immaculate. So many performances rocked my world and inspired me to bits.

To my dining companions on Wednesday night, thank you and my apologies--that was a pretty whacked-out dinner. Aimee, Danielle, Laura and Shondell--never has a crew of girls been so cavalier about Rohypnol. Or arms. Thank god we didn't drink. To Kelley, Heike, Tree and Sam--I suspect that train car was not big enough for you to escape our madness. I hope you enjoyed your dinners anyway.

Thank you to the ladies of the Salome's Suitcase collective, for sharing your sparkles and your bubbly. It was such a pleasure to be part of your gorgeous show!

Sherri, Sooz and their band of merrymakers almost killed me with laughter. It was awesome! Thank you to Robyn, Jenn, Cera and Pixie, Sherri and Sooz, for bringing the funny--and the filthy. You are rad. And you could scare a djinn off, if necessary.

Maurie, Jeremiah, Saskia and Marcel, it was great to hang out with you all. Thank you for being friendly and so much fun to chill out with! Amazing.

Thanks to Jeanette for getting me up to Sebastopol, and thanks to Laura and Shondell for making sure I didn't get stuck there! Thanks to Danielle and Tatiana for being fantastic roomies. And extra big thanks to Sam for the sunny Valencia decom day. Unicorns and cachapa were exactly what I needed; also, it was fascinating to swap stories and be reminded of how many billions of things are actually happening at any given moment at TF.

And big thanks to Chuck and Kajira, for somehow holding together the chaos and letting all of the pirates, genies, steampunk princesses and snake charmers come out to play. It's a wonder of the world.

I'll unpack everything properly soon enough, but had to get the thank yous said now. More to come...

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